Monday, September 9, 2013

Um... Modesty, anyone?

"Make no display of your talents or attainments; for every one will clearly see, admire, and acknowledge them, so long as you cover them with the beautiful veil of modesty." -Nathaniel Emmons

If you replace the words "talents or attainments" with "breasts and sexuality," then I have the perfect advice for Miley Cyrus.

I know that this subject is already way over-analyzed, but I had to put in my two cents...

It is painfully obvious that Ms. Cyrus is trying way too hard to escape what she sees as a horrific, virginal past life. Her (in)famous behavior on the VMAs and in her music videos is not artistic, not shocking, not racy, nor can she claim she is breaking new ground in music or feminism.

It is embarrassing, vulgar, and trashy.

Whatever happened to young ladies and women leaving something to the imagination? Perhaps a little cleavage, a slit up to the thigh, something sensual and mysterious instead of blatantly sexy and outrageous.

If nothing is left to the imagination -- and with Ms. Cyrus, NOTHING IS -- then why should anyone be continued to keep watching or coming back? With Ms. Cyrus, we are watching because she is a train wreck. We cannot take our eyes off (yet another) tragic downfall of a beautiful, talented girl. She has turned into another young Hollywood/music woman who doesn't hold herself in high regard, and is headed on a downward spiral.

I'm not asking that she dress like a nun or cover herself with a burqa and hijab. I am simply suggesting that less is not more. Less is less.

Implied nudity is more sexy than twerking. Suggestions of sensuousness is more sexy than nude, plastic undergarments. I don't know where Ms. Cyrus learned these lessons (clearly she hasn't), but someone needs to please take this girl under their wing and make sure she's okay, teach her how to respect herself and her body, and perhaps give her some therapy.

This would go a long way in improving her mental health as well as her career, unless, of course, she intended to become a laughingstock, sideshow, and short-term star...

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