Thursday, June 7, 2012

My LDR has an end date!

41 days (that's five weeks and six days) until my fiance actually comes into town and my last long-distance relationship ends. He's buying a one-way ticket from Israel to Michigan and I will most definitely be personally picking him up from the airport.

It's going to be pretty stressful for him until his moving day. He has to finish his university exams, complete a week of Army training (miluim), and finish four papers (if I remember correctly). Not only that, but because he's an amazing guy, he's agreed to help find us a bartender for our wedding and help make decisions about party favors (benchers or other creative ideas).

But one way or another, he'll be here in the United States with me. For the first time ever in our relationship, we'll get to live in the same city. We will be able to see each other every day, go out on real dates, and do things normal couples do.... like snuggle on the couch and watch movies together, have conversations in person, go for ice cream, speak to each other in the same time zone, etc.

The idea of having him around all the time is a little odd and different. Not bad, by any means, but certainly different. To be able to have him around all the time is exciting and a little nerve-racking, if I'm completely honest with myself. Ariel and I have known each other since December 2011, but have lived 6,000 miles apart from each other the entire time. We have FaceBook chatted, Skyped, texted via Whatsapp, and spoken on the phone. We have spent a total of approximately 25 days together in person (over three trips). Each time we get back together, there is an adjustment period. But once it passes, each day spent together gets better and better. So if we live in the same city, I can only imagine how great things will be (once we get over the initial adjustment).

So... between now and July 19th, I have to pack up my life, go through things, throw things away, give things to charity, sell things, and, basically, minimize my life. I also have to continue my legal work, find a job at a law firm, help Ariel find a job, find an apartment for us, and, yea, finish planning my wedding. They say that if you can survive planning a wedding, you'll be just fine. I'm starting to really see that. So far, so good.

We'll be living in the same city for about seven weeks before we get married and move in together. What an exciting and positive change in my life -- bring it!

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